Fannie Arrick/Orrick
and William Baugus

Fannie is apparently the first and only child of Margaret Qualls and William B. Nunley. Margaret was first married to John Orrick/Arrick who was killed at Shiloh in 1862. Margaret remarried to Nunley on Sept 15th, 1867 in Grundy Co TN after his wife Sarah Jane Smartt died. Fannie moved to Hardin Co TN as did 2 of her brothers - John and James but unsure why, maybe because Qualls family were there.

Baugus genealogy researchers have referred to her as Fanny AMICK.

The biggest mystery to me is why does Fannie and her mom Margaret use the Arrick name, even though she is daughter of Nunley which is confirmed by her her death certificate?


Fannie Arrick Baugus
1936 Picture from
Guy Bell, Parsons TN


Name: Fannie Arrick
Father: William B. Nunley (1801-1889)
Mother: Margaret (1830-1906)
Born: Nov 22 1867 in Grundy Co, TN
Married: William A. (Allen?) Baugus, 28 Feb 1886 Hardin Co. TN. marriage record
10 Children:
    Jessie T., 1889-1963
    Unknown, died young
    Willie Allen, 1891-1960 Pic
    George A. (Allen?), 1893-1969
    Maggie, 1895-?
    Mattie R., 1897-1982, Married Roberts
    Ethel, 1898-1969
    Eldridge, 1890-?
    Birdie, 1904-?
    Johnnie Wesley, 1909-1972
Career: Homemaker
Died: May 11, 1938 in Perry Co, TN Death Cert
Buried: Denson's Landing Perry Co, TN Grave (thanks Rex)
Obit: Unknown - Help!
Pictures: Need some - Help!
Migration: Moved from Grundy/Coffee Co TN to Hardin Co TN between 1880 and 1886.



Why did Fannie use the Arrick name, and not her father's name Nunley?

Is it true that her birthday is Nov 22, 1867 and that Margaret and Nunley were married on Sep 15, 1867?

Is "John Nonley" who is shown on her death certificate as father a mistake?

Is there an obituary?

Why did she and 2 of her brothers move to Hardin Co TN in the 1880's? Was it to be near Qualls?

Are there any pictures?

If you have the answer, please Email me


The Arrick Name

Many Arricks pronounced their name "Ark" and it is spelled that way in many branches in several decades.

It also appears that many Arrick families are really Orricks.

And, there is also the problem of transcription, where clearly written 'O's are transcribed as 'A'.
Here is the 1850 Warren County Census showing A's and O's

Ultimately, this means a search for Arricks must include names such as Orrick, Orick, Arke, Orouch, O'rourk, Orio; and possibly more bizarre variants such a Yeorick, Clark, and Horrock.



The 1870 census was difficult. Many for Warren county census originals are undreadable.
Here they are in Grundy Co TN Census page at the bottom.
Grundy is right next to Warren.

Arke, Pegy, 50 (1820), cannot read/write -- Margaret
Arke, Bettie, 20 (1850), cannot read/write -- Sarah Elizabeth
Arke, Laura, 18 (1852)
Arke, James, 17 (1853)
Arke, Calaway (male), 15 (1855) -- Is this William?
Arke, Louise, (female), 12 (1858) -- Is this Elizabeth Violet?
Arke, John, 10 (1860) -- John Riley?
Arke, Frances or Fannie, 9 (1861) Fannie <-------------------
Jones, William, 50 (1820), farmer

Peggy is a common name for Margaret
Sarah Elizabeth is named Bettie, as she is in future census.



Here is the family in Coffee Co - Jno is passed.

Coffee Co, TN 1880 census at bottom

Arrick, Margaret, age 51 (b abt 1829), House Keeper, WIDOWED
Arrick, S. E. (F), age 32 (b abt 1848), at Home - Sarah Elizabeth
Arrick, E. V? (F), age 19 (b abt 1861), at Home - Elizabeth Violet
Arrick, John R, age 17 (b abt 1863), Farm Labor - John Riley
Arrick, Fany, (F), age 12 (b abt 1868), at Home - Fannie <--------------
Arrick, Lori or Lou, (F) age 3 (b abt 1877) - Not Laura, was already married
All born in Tenn, mother and father born in Tenn



Virtually all of the 1890 census and special schedules were lost by fire, water, and human distruction.


1886 Feb 28 Marriage to W. M. Baugus

Here is the marriage record for Fannie and W.M Baugus.
Hardin Co. TN.



Here is Fannie and family in Hardin Co TN, District 2.
They are transcribed as Bonges at
They are near Franks, Harrison and other familiar names.

William 47 (Oct 1852), married 14 years, TN TN TN
Fannie 28 (Feb 1871), married 14 years, 6 kids, 6 alive, TN TN TN
Jessie 11
Willie 9
George 7
Maggie 4
Mattie 3
Ethel 1



Here is Fannie and family in the 1910 census - Hardin Co, TN.

Will M 56 (1854)
Fannie 42 (1868) TN TN TN
Jesse 23
Willie 21
George 18
Maggie 16
Mattie 14
Ethel 12
Elgin 10
Birdie 6
Johnnie 1



The Baugus family has moved to Perry Co TN, just north of Hardin Co for the 1920 census.
Tom's Creek Road.
Living with them is daughter Mattie, widow of Roberts, and a grandaughter.
This time, husband William is shown as William A. Wonder if A=Allen since one of their sons had a middle name Allen.

William A Baugus 63 (1857) TN TN TN
Fanney Baugus 52 TN TN TN
Jesse Baugus 33
George Baugus 28
Mattie Roberts 23 widow
Ethel Baugus 19
Eldridge Baugus 18
Bertis Baugus 14
Johnie Baugus 10
Verna Roberts 3 4/12 - Grandaughter



Here's Fannie and husband in 1930.

William 73 (1857) married at 28, TN TN TN Farmer
Fannie 63 married at 18, TN TN TN
Mattie 32
Ethel 26
Johnnie 18
Verna B Roberts 13 Grdaughter



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