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Last updated Aug 12, 2008

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How DNA Testing Works
Every male has a chunk of DNA in their cells called the Y Chromosome which is passed from Fathers to their Sons. This allows us to track paternal lines and see who is related. There are DNA tests that track the female line, but that's not the focus of this particular project.

What We Could Learn
There continues to be questions about the origins of families with the name Qualls and Quarles. There are many branches around the US. As of now, we don't know how or if we are connected. DNA testing can change all this and break through the brick wall that many of us researchers have hit.

This is very exciting for those of us who have exhausted census records and read the forums a hundred times. Without DNA research, we might never know these answers because there is limited source information, and our older family members are passing quickly.

The Test Itself
Don't worry, you can not FAIL a DNA test, and it does NOT go on your permanant record!
The test is simple - just a toothbrush-like tool you stick in your mouth and rub inside your cheek. The sample is then stuck in a tube and sent back to the lab. There are 3 of these to do - 3 hours apart. You will not need hospitalization, therapy, or the number for 911. Everything is included in the kit, even the return package. The lab takes 6 weeks and the results are a series of numbers. These numbers go into a database and we can see who might be related.
---- Watch me do this very scary test!

STOP! Don't let this affect your ability to join. If you can't pay the $250 fee, I will find a way to pay for it - either myself, or from donations from others who are interested in the results.

What About Females?
About 70% of genealogy researchers are female and they will benefit from these DNA results too. The way for a female to participate in this study is to donate funds to help pay for the tests. See the Funding section below.

These DNA tests do not check for medical issues and do not expose anything personal about you - except who you might be related to. Your identity can remain secret if you wish. You will not grow a 3rd leg or be listed in the newspaper as an axe murderer. But you might get an offer to play a victim on CSI:Scotland! :)

Who are You?
My name is Roger Arrick (46) and I'm an Engineer who does genealogy as a hobby. I live in Tyler Texas with my wife and 2 sons. I'm a frequent poster on genealogy forums, creator of this website, and administrator of this DNA project. My 2ggrandmother was Margaret Qualls who married to John Orrick/Arrick around 1847 in Warren Co TN. Other Qualls in this area were Cannon Qualls, Webb Qualls who married Vaughan, and William and Julia Ann Qualls. You are welcome to call or Email me.



Activity Log

8/12/2008 - Set up Qualls/Quarles DNA Project at FTDNA Lab and this web page


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Current Status


Don't be part of the mystery, be part of the answer!
This project is funded by participants, interested family members, and by Roger's massive pocket book :).
Each YDNA-37 test costs $191.

This test is for male Y-DNA only, but female researchers and other family members will benefit too,
so consider particpating by donating. Any amount is acceptable.

We need to keep a positive fund balance so new particpants can join quickly and easily.

Current funds balance:   -$0.00         Email Roger to donate



Family Branch Status and Results

We're looking for the origins of the following families.
This is just a start, so if you're an Orrick/Orick/Arrick/Arick/Orrock, Email me.
We need at least one interested male descendant from each - more would be great.

No family branches yet  

Do you have a branch?
If you have someone that you think should be on this list, Let me know.


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